Hydraulic Mulcher Maintenance And Repair

Hydraulic Mulcher Maintenance And Repair

Mulchers are one of the most common and essential types of hydraulic equipment used within the forestry industry. Given the harshness and intensiveness of this work environment, these machines require regular maintenance to operate at an optimum level, minimising the risk of potential premature failure.

Hydraulic machinery operating in this terrain generally encounter a staggering amount of dust and debris that is generated during the mulching process. The overwhelming amount of contamination and constant abrasions poses a great risk to any type of hydraulic machinery causing potential particulate contamination, blocking of filters, higher fluid temperature and damage to hydraulic hoses.

Regular upkeep of hydraulic equipment including mulchers will reduce any risk of downtime or a halt in operations. A simple call to RYCO 24•7 will ensure machinery is running efficiently, effectively, and successfully. RYCO 24•7 will deliver emergency breakdown support, programmed maintenanceOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support and repairs to assist in any forestry application.

The versatility of mulchers within forestry applications means they are ideal for clearing heavy bushland, cutting trees, grinding stumps, reducing dense tree fall, and converting it into mulch. Being a useful tool in such a demanding environment, it is essential for mulching compatible machinery to integrate constant maintenance and repairs measures to keep operations continuous and functioning at a peak level.

How Forestry Mulchers Work

For RYCO 24•7 it is essential we understand how a forestry mulcher works, to conduct the correct essential repairs and maintenance to the machinery.  A forestry mulcher attachment is a frequently used tool when clearing brush and clearing it fast. Mulchers are designed and engineered to endure the harshest of environments that can clear logs, trees, and thick undergrowth.

The introduction of mulching machines in the modern era eliminates the many steps that we’re involved in land clearing in previous times. The implementation of a mulcher has eliminated the common need for various machinery like bulldozers, excavators, grinders, stump grinders, and woodchippers. This means what was previously done with five machines is now done with just one, increasing the risk for potential damage to the one hydraulic system.


Harsh environmental conditions of mulching – Source: Adobe Stock

At RYCO 24•7 we understand that in the harsh environment where a mulcher is used, excavators, tractors, skid steers and compact track loaders have the potential of impacts from falling trees, or constant abrasions. In times of peak demand, we know it can be difficult to be precarious when clearing trees, and damages to hydraulic systems do happen. With our dedicated team on call, around the clock we can be on-site and ready to assist you when your hydraulic systems fail.

Types of Hydraulic Mulchers

Mulching attachments are mostly found in two different types:

  1. Drum Mulchers
  2. Disc Mulchers

These two most common types of mulchers have very simple differences, the key differentiating factors involve mulching quality, types of terrain and efficiency. Disc mulchers are exceptional for instances where an operator may be cutting through thicker trees. Drum mulchers are an ideal choice for smaller trees and brush. Both are manufactured as application-specific for tractors, skid steers, and excavators.


Drum Mulcher – Source: Adobe Stock

Compatible with these hydraulic machines we understand they are all capable of moving heavier loads as well as providing a greater constant force. Keeping this in mind skid steers, excavators and tractors are prone to fragments of trees and undergrowth having a major impact to the hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic equipment that is prone to these damages means a breakdown is eminent at any time, so it is essential to have repairs conducted by a certified repairer that is correct and at the highest level. At RYCO 24•7 we pride ourselves on this service, so we ensure we have the right person on the job at your soonest convenience to have your operation up and running with the most minimal of downtime.

Hydraulic Mulcher Maintenance

Preventive maintenance for mulchers is generally a practice which many operators overlook and a major consideration that should be implemented and conducted before, during and after forestry activities.

RYCO 24•7 offer an abundance of knowledge and maintenance solutions for our forestry clientele. With proactive maintenance programs on offer, our team will attend your location and ensure:

  • Oil levels and quality are maintained
  • Changing of filters
  • Regular hydraulic hose check-ups
  • Inspection of fluid levels
  • Visual assessment on hoses and fittings

The harshness of this industry makes it easy to overlook maintenance options until machinery needs repair. The sooner a problem is identified, the sooner the RYCO 24•7 network can promptly assist you which means you will have minimal loss in production, diminished potential safety issues and reduced downtime.


Our MCS’ deliver on-site repairs to one of our forestry clients

Call RYCO 247 for Hydraulic Mulcher Repairs and Preventative Maintenance 

The team at RYCO 24•7 will deliver forestry clientele a comprehensive repair and maintenance service to all types of hydraulic machinery and mulchers. Our professionally trained and dedicated teams are on call and ready to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our extensive Australia and New Zealand network  of RYCO 24•7 Service Centres, trained and certified Mobile Connector Specialists (MCS) and On-site Container Workshops  will ensure to assist you no matter the time or place, our job is to get your equipment back up and running with minimal down time!

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