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RYCO’s Hose Assembly Lifespan Predictor – HALP®

HALP® is a program that predicts the lifespan of hose assemblies for given conditions and environments.

This innovative computer program can be used to help predict the lifespan of a hose assembly or select hose assemblies for varying environments and conditions.

Key Features:

  • Proactive system, reducing the number of hose assembly failures
  • Assists in risk management
  • Designs a preventative schedule of maintenance
  • Automatic, inbuilt, and Ongoing reviews
  • Reduces risk to workers and lost production related to down time
  • Helps to prevent oil injection accidents

Our HALP® platform is part of our new RYCO Asset Management System – QRAM.

Click on the link below to sign up to our QRAM platform:

  QRAM – RYCO Asset Management System

Hose Assembly Lifespan Predictor HALP
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