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» Peter Ward Wins The RYCO 24•7 NZ V8 Utes Championship – Round 1 Season Opener

Congratulations, Peter Ward on winning the RYCO 24•7 NZ V8 Utes Round 1 Season Opener!

Are you ready to discover the details of Day 2 in Hampton Downs Motorsport Park?

Day 2 – Sunday began without some challenges – from a wet track, classic Holden Ford battles, Stu Monteith’s suffering flat to intensely watching our talented car race drivers fighting hard to win in the final Race #4.

Intriguing details about RYCO 24•7 NZ V8 Utes Round 1 –  Race #3 & #4:

To start, Race #3 father and son duo – Brad & Greg Kroefs lined up on the front row on a wet and slippery track. As the race started, Ward accelerated through both Kroefs to snatch the lead by turn one!

By lap 2, Peter Ward was stretching his lead, but he wasn’t shaking off Brad Kroef. Meanwhile, Shane Dias snuck past Greg Kroef and charged off in pursuit of the front runners. By lap 6, he’d passed Brad Kroef leaving Ward as his next target.

On the 7th lap, Dias ducked underneath Ward on turn two and snatched the lead as the sun was breaking through leaving Dias unchallenged for the chequered flag!

RYCO 24•7 NZ V8 Utes Round 1 Day 2

Shane Dias leads in Race #3

So, after three different winners in the first three races, it was all down to Race #4 to decide the weekend.

Whilst the track was dry, it was Ward with the better start, and as he stormed into position #1 on turn one. As Ward extended his lead, a misfiring engine meant Dias couldn’t shake off the father and son tag team of Brad and Greg Kroef.

RYCO 24•7 NZ V8 Utes Round 1 Day 2

Race #4 – Peter Ward Well Ahead in Lap 3

By lap 3, Ward was well ahead, but Brad Kroef was breathing down the neck of Shane Dias, setting up a classic Holden Ford battle. Then on Lap 6, Brad Kroef ran around the outside of Dias on the sweeper to steal 2nd. With several laps remaining, there was plenty of time for Dias to pounce, but Brad Kroef had plenty of paces, consolidating his 2nd place all the way to the chequered flag.

Here’s how the drivers placed for Race #3 and Race #4 of the RYCO 24•7 NZ V8 Ute Championship Round 1 event:

Race 3 Results Race 4 Results
1st Shane Dias 1st Peter Ward
2nd Peter Ward 2nd Brad Kroef
3rd Brad Kroef 3rd Shane Dias
4th Phillip Ross 4th Phil Ross
5th Greg Kroef 5th David Lowe
6th Simon Ussher 6th Simon Ussher
7th Stu Monteith 7th David Lowe
8th David Lowe 8th Greg Kroef
9th Bruce McRae 9th Bruce McRae
10th Paul Fougere 10th Daniel Ludlam
11th Daniel Ludlam 11th Stu Monteith

To wrap up, what a smashing weekend at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park for the RYCO 24•7 NZ V8 Utes Racing Championship – Round 1!  Congratulations to the super experienced and talented drivers – Ward, Brad Kroef, and Dias for taking out those chequered flags and for a successful start to the 2022 racing season.

Gear up for Round 2 at Pukekohe Park next month: 4th – 6th of March!

Content credit to LIVE Advertiser – Glenn Churches who shares with us news reports about the event!

Photography Credit: Dillon Photo NZ

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