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» Productive Roller Coaster For RYCO 24•7 Team Triton During V8 Superutes Racing In Round 2 Perth

Let us unveil results for our RYCO 24•7 Team Triton during V8 SuperUtes Round 2 in Perth!

Our eager race car driver, Crag Dontas, commented, “Glad we could finally get back to Western Australia and show off our V8 SuperUtes in Round 2 during Perth Super Night”!

The weekend was also marked by record crowds and positive sentiments. Our RYCO 24•7 Team Triton had a roller coaster ride over the weekend, but overall, the team gained valuable experience for the championship.

In brief, following an incident in Race #2 that left us out of contention for a win, we made up ten places in Race 3 and were fighting for the podium in the final but unfortunately, received a helping hand from the GRR (Grit Rotor Resistance) circuit. We gathered it up and pressed on!  No matter what, we all learned a ton and had a blast. As Robert T. Kiyosaki quoted:” Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”!

Discover V8 SuperUtes Round 2 in Perth championship details in action by viewing our vivid image gallery below:

As Dontas continued, “We will regroup, make the car look great, and then head to Winton in a few weeks!”

Dontas also summed up, “It’s wonderful to be back with the crowds at the event, we thank our sponsors like RYCO 24•7 for the support, we love what we do”.

Let’s get cracking! Gear up for Round 3 at Winton SuperSprint, 21st – 22nd of May 2022.

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