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» Young Entrepreneur Launches 24•7 Business in Houston

May 1, 2017 – RYCO 24•7 Katy Frwy, operated by Central Hydraulic Supply, opens for business and 26 year old owner, Ben Pacheco, launches his entrepreneurial future. Ben and his team join RYCO 24•7 Greens Rd in providing service to customers in the region needing an on-site hydraulic hose replacement service to address costly equipment downtime.

Ben, a graduate of LSU with a degree in Business Management, is no stranger to fluid power having worked in the industry as a Territory Manager for several years. “I wanted to be in business for myself “, said Pacheco. “I have a brother who is a successful RYCO distributor and together we investigated the RYCO 24•7 program. We had no experience in operating mobile hose workshops so it made absolute sense for us to leverage the RYCO 24•7 system and particularly in areas including the van set-up, training, marketing, procedures and on-going support”.

RYCO 24•7 is about keeping industry moving and saving our customers money with an on-site solution for failed hydraulic hoses”, says Gwyn O’Kane, Business Development Manager for RYCO 24•7. “Customers must keep equipment moving and they want to be able to pick up the phone and have a hose shop dispatched with a mechanic on board who can take care of the problem 24 hours 365 days”.

As a business opportunity, the RYCO 24•7 program provides the framework to enter into this rapidly growing service industry. RYCO 24•7 can provide a turn-key program for our existing distributors, a roadmap for those looking to start a new business or a growth opportunity for those in a related business looking to expand their current business offerings.

About RYCO and RYCO 24•7

RYCO has built a strong reputation since it commenced manufacturing hydraulic hose and fittings and other products over 70 years ago. Today our comprehensive range of quality RYCO products is supported by a network of dynamic and committed distributors across the world.

RYCO 24•7 is a global brand dedicated to providing over-the-counter service through our network of Hose Service Centers and RYCO 24•7 on-site service via our Mobile Connector Specialists. Industries served include construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, marine, mining, defense and much more. For more information on RYCO’s 24•7 mobile service division and available business opportunities, visit

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