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» RYCO 24•7 Emerald Employee Spotlight: Dennice Winters – Our First Female Mobile Connector Specialist!

Profile RYCO 24•7 Emerald MCS Employee

Name: Dennice Winters

Department: Operations

Title: Mobile Connector Specialist (MCS)

Location:  RYCO 24•7 Emerald

Meet & Greet Dennice

This year marks a special occasion for the RYCO 24•7 Network — our first-ever female Mobile Connector Specialist (MCS), Dennice Winters has joined our RYCO 24•7 owned and operated branch in Emerald! Both RYCO and RYCO 24•7  are proud to support and foster employee diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We welcome Dennice to the RYCO 24•7 Network and wish her all the best on this new adventure of hers.

In brief, Dennice grew up working on family-owned and run properties. This experience has shaped her as a person and shows in both her professional and home life. Dennice believes that her family is a big motivator outside of RYCO 24•7.

As with any new role, it takes experience and knowledge to become a successful professional. For Dennice, a new role as RYCO 24•7 MCS presents a challenge and much excitement!  As Dennice mentioned, “I wouldn’t classify anything as too challenging yet, there is a lot to learn and retain though”.

Dennice continued, “I am looking forward to gaining as much knowledge as I can from the experienced RYCO 24•7 staff. Currently, I am gaining on-the-job training by shadowing an experienced MCS on mining sites”.

We believe that becoming an MCS takes a lot of dedication, and commitment, which Dennice certainly has. RYCO 24•7 MCS’ offer a comprehensive emergency breakdown service to various market segments and our clients know that they can rely on our professionally trained and dedicated teams 24 days, 7 days a week.

Dennis Winters RYCO 247 Emerald

We would like to congratulate Dennice Winters for joining our RYCO 24•7 crew and taking a step toward this new career path!

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