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» Zoe Mackay is our New Mobile Connector Specialist at RYCO 24•7 Blackwater

Profile RYCO 24•7 Blackwater MCS Employee

Name: Zoe Mackay
Department: Operations
Title: Mobile Connector Specialist (MCS)
Location: RYCO 24•7 Blackwater

Meet & Greet Zoe!

Zoe Mackay, just like her family, decided to pursue a career in the hose and fittings industry and now, Zoe is our newest Mobile Connector Specialist (MCS) to join our RYCO 24•7 Blackwater branch. We are welcoming our latest female professional to the RYCO 24•7 crew.

In brief, Zoe is a very passionate hydraulics professional inspired by her family! As Zoe mentioned, “my family is involved in hose and fittings, and I believe RYCO has the best product in the marketplace”.

Zoe who spent a few months at the RYCO 24•7 Blackwater branch as a Warehouse Assistant learnt quite a lot about RYCO products before transitioning to this new, exciting, and challenging role as a RYCO 24•7 MCS! The knowledge and experience learnt from cross-referencing parts and hose assemblies prepared Zoe for this next step in her career.  As Zoe said, “by understanding the RYCO parts numbers and thread types prior to spending time out in the field has certainly helped prepare me for this MCS role”.

Zoe is very much excited about working with the trained and dedicated RYCO 24•7 Blackwater team that are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Zoe believes that a strong mentorship by the team will assist in shaping herself professionally. The new role means more opportunities within RYCO 24•7 Blackwater. Zoe continues, “I love the opportunity and can’t wait to be on the roster out on-site”.

What’s more? Zoe believes that working with our team and our customers makes it a great place to work. Her biggest accomplishment was to find a job that became a career. This in fact showcases that RYCO and RYCO 24•7 are pleased to offer career opportunities for our personnel to grow and develop!

We would like to congratulate Zoe Mackay for joining our RYCO 24•7 team and for taking this step toward a new career path!

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