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RYCO 24•7 services support the defence industry, from bushmasters’ vehicles, defence vessel hydraulics, infantry mobility vehicle hydraulics through to hoses for harsh applications and environments ensuring rigour performance requirements of the industry are met.

Defence equipment demands quality hydraulic hose assemblies to overcome the harshness of defence force applications and environments. RYCO hydraulic hoses accommodate fluids at extremes of pressure and temperature.

Why choose RYCO specialised hydraulic hose assemblies?

RYCO is an accredited supplier of defence equipment to the Australian Defence Force, the US Department of Defence ad to the Australian Defence Industry Group. Only RYCO has the design, technology, and testing facilities within Australia to meet the extreme requirements of Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC). Whilst being certified by third-party approvals, RYCO’s testing and evaluation process ensures “Zero Defects”. Furthermore, ASC requires a specialised hydraulic hose system operating without a failure for extended time periods in a corrosive environment. That’s why RYCO’s product range is a smart choice for ASC!

Hose assemblies in defence industry applications are subjected to high levels of engineering challenges, the right technological solutions due to extreme environments.

To overcome those challenges, RYCO 24•7 is available on-site 24 hours, 7 days a week!

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