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RYCO 24•7 supports the marine industry, from the supply of products right through to the repairs and maintenance of hydraulics for naval operations, commercial vessels, and infantry mobility vehicles. Not to forget, RYCO’s stainless steel range for excellent corrosion and chemical resistance ensures harsh performance requirements of the industry are met.

Hose assemblies in marine industry applications are subjected to challenges in certifications, safety requirements, reliable operations, and more due to rigorous environments. To overcome those challenges, RYCO 24•7 is available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

RYCO supplies the global marine industry with quality hydraulic hoses and fittings. Due to growth in this sector, maritime and vessels fleets rely heavily on their hydraulic systems. The dynamic nature of the marine environment leads to complexities in equipment. Thus, hoses need third-party approvals to guarantee customers’ success, safety, and quality.

RYCO products are designed to the highest standards, offering integrated solutions that work reliably under extreme pressure! RYCO hold type approvals from various third parties for hoses used in RYCO matched hose assemblies fitted with Stainless Steel couplings utilised on ocean liners, navy vessels, commercial catamarans, and submarine fleets. In addition, RYCO meets all certification requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

In a time of emergency or even during normal operations – RYCO certified hoses will perform at high standards coupled with RYCO 24•7 on-site service, anywhere, anytime

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