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» RYCO 24•7 Houston Celebrate 1,095 Days & 26,280 Hours Of Mobile Service

Young entrepreneur Ben Pacheco and his team at Central Hydraulics Supply have just celebrated three years since joining the RYCO 24•7 Team.

During this time, they have been integral in providing service to customers in the Houston region requiring an on-site hydraulic hose replacement service to reduce downtime. With five RYCO 24•7 mobile service vehicles, Ben and his team are available wherever and whenever required!

Ben, a 28-year-old graduate of LSU with a degree in Business Management, is no stranger to fluid power having worked in the industry as a Territory Manager for several years.

“I wanted to be in business for myself, I have a brother who is a successful RYCO Distributor and together we investigated the RYCO 24•7 program. We had no experience in operating mobile hose workshops, so it made absolute sense for us to leverage the RYCO 24•7 system and particularly in areas including the van set-up, training, marketing and on-going support”, said Pacheco.

“RYCO 24•7 is about keeping the service industry moving along and saving our customers money with an on-site solution for the installations or replacement of hydraulic hoses.”

“Customers must keep their equipment working and they want to be able to pick up the phone and have a mobile connector specialist on call, who can take care of any issues they may experiencing, 24 hours, 365 days of the year,” concludes Pacheco.

As a business opportunity, the RYCO 24•7 program provides the framework and support entrepreneurs require to enter this rapidly growing service industry.

RYCO 24•7 can provide a turn-key program for our existing distributors, a roadmap for those looking to start a new business or a growth opportunity for those in a related business looking to expand their current business offerings.

As a business model, RYCO 24•7 has been proven across the globe with a network of Service Centres and Mobile Connector Specialists servicing customers across various industries, including: miningundergroundforestryconstructionutilitiesdefencemarineoil and gasagriculture and more.

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